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As a tribute to the roots of their Mexican tradition, the Dean-Lozoya family offers Mi Rancho Tequila. Mi Rancho Tequila is made from estate grown Weber Blue Agave plants that are grown in some of the most fertile and fruitful soils of Los Altos, Tepatitlán Jalisco, Mexico.
A truly new and exciting locally grown and produced tequila. The family’s tradition of hard work has been instilled and handed down from generation to generation.

This tequila is the dream of a family whose heart and soul never left Mexico.


Weber Blue Agave

We use 100% Weber Blue Agave plants from the ideally fertile soil of the Los Altos region of Mexico.


Organically Sourced

Our Proprietary Organic Agave Yeast is made from the Weber Blue Agave plant. This hand-formulated yeast provides our tequilas with a cleaner and crisper presentation.



The agaves are cooked using the autoclave method, allowing for optimum temp control which reduces the cost of production and results in a clean true agave taste.



Our slow distillation process burns off more impurities as well as excess methanol concentrates. 

Philantric Responsibility

We are proud to help support a variety of philanthropic and charitable organizations in our community and across the world. In our community, we support various local Hispanic and Latino events throughout the year.

We support several educational organizations with scholarships for status and non-status Hispanic students who are entering various colleges and universities throughout the United States of America and Mexico.

On a global level, we are involved in multiple charitable endeavors which are underwritten with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each bottle of Mi Rancho Legacy Extra Añejo Tequila sold worldwide.

Our Tequila Experts

Creating the ultimate tequila experience. Perfect for the Moment. Perfect for you.

Michael Dean

After more than a decade in development using lost and abandoned techniques, combining modern technology with traditional distillation methods, Michael has formulated a world-wide award winning premium tequila known as Mi Rancho.

Hector Davalos Abad

With more than five decades in the tequila industry, Maestro Tequilero Hector Davalos Abad has dedicated his entire adult life to the preservation and authenticity of the true traditions and production of tequila in Mexico.

Ivan Soto Alvarado

Agave is the first link in the chain of the production of a fine tequila. The production and cultivation of mature agave produces a superior tequila. Ivan feels privileged to be the foundation of what has become known as Mi Rancho Tequila.

Perfect for the Moment. Perfect for YOU!

Perfect for

the Moment.

Perfect for


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