Royal Warrant from Ethiopian Monarchy

Mi Rancho Tequila was recently honored with a Royal Warrant that was issued by the Ethiopian Monarchy. Mi Rancho Tequila is the first producer to be  granted a Royal Warrant by prince Ermias Sahle Selassie of Ethiopia.

Made using 100% Blue Weber agave in Jalisco, Mexico, Mi Rancho Tequila has been awarded the Warrant in recognition of its position as the exclusive Tequila distiller for the Ethiopian royal household.

Prince Ermias said:

“I drink spirits only very occasionally, but when I do I want what I take to reflect my culture, and to have some meaning and quality. I believe that by giving a royal warrant to this product, which meets very high standards, we are furthering the historic links between Ethiopia and Mexico, and showing that together we have something of quality to offer the world.”

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