Our Story

As a tribute to the roots of their Mexican tradition, the Dean-Lozoya family offers Mi Rancho tequila, a truly new and exciting estate grown and produced tequila. The family’s tradition of hard work has been instilled and handed down from generation to generation. This tequila is the dream of a family whose heart and soul never left the clear blue skies above the blue agave fields of Mexico. Mi Rancho tequila is made from estate grown Weber blue agave plants that are grown in some of the most fertile and fruitful soils of Jalisco, Mexico.  Ensuring the richness of our tequilas for generations to come, patience and persistence in absolute perfection is found in every bottle of tequila we produce. The grow and harvest process is supervised under the watchful eyes of Agaveros Gonzalez located in Jamay, Jalisco.  The family owned and operated agave production and harvest operation has been in existence for more than fifty years in Jalisco, Mexico.

Over generations the Dean-Lozoya family and Francisco Gonzalez Flores have utilized age old processes in perfecting the craft of distilling a unique low methanol content tequila. After years of developing, testing and tasting we’ve created a tequila that is perfect for all occasions.  Mi Rancho tequila is one of the absolute best tequila’s due to its extremely cost efficient production processes and its very competitive price in relation to its quality.  Mi Rancho tequilas represent a continuation of the family values we have worked so hard to perfect and for you to enjoy.